Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich

The Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich – at home in St. Pölten, the provincial capital

St. Pölten

  • 1986: St. Pölten becomes the capital of Lower Austria
  • 1994 – 2002: establishment of the St. Pölten Arts & Culture District with the Festival Hall, Lower Austrian Provincial Library, Provincial Archive and the Lower Austrian Provincial Museum
  • 1997 – present: St. Pölten is the seat of the Lower Austrian provincial government and is located in the newly-developed Landhausviertel district planned by Austrian architect Ernst Hoffmann  
  • 1997 – present: ongoing relocation to St. Pölten of federal agencies as well as establishment of provincial headquarters of important organizations such as Hypo Landesbank, ORF Lower Austria, the "NÖN" media group and more

The Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich – at home in Austria's first passive energy office building complex

The Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich is located in an ultramodern green building complex built in the years 2006-2007 and inaugurated in February 2008. Designed by Lower Austrian architects Erich Millbacher and Franz Gschwantner, it was the first major office complex in Austria to be built to passive energy standards. A true passive house, its design enables the building to function without a traditional heating and cooling system.
The building complex forms the southern border of the Landhausviertel district. Its angled exterior walls lend it a futuristic look. The architects divided the complex into four separate buildings which are connected by way of glass corridors. Four different facade materials - stone, metal, glass and wood – were used. The overall aim was to establish both a visual and a symbolic connection to the four major districts of Lower Austria – the Weinviertel, Mostviertel, Waldviertel and the Industrial District – and to underscore the economic diversity to be found within Lower Austria itself. The office complex is home to the Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich as the central hub for service and information for Lower Austrian entrepreneurs and businesspersons.

What the Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich has to offer

Information and a variety of services, all under one roof. Professional and efficient support – without the bureaucratic red tape. The Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich can provide the right answers to the many questions and issues facing entrepreneurs and businesspersons in Lower Austria: from founding a company to finding the right location for a business, from taking advantage of financing and funding opportunities to exploiting established professional networks. Services are available not only to those looking to start their own company in Lower Austria, but also to established Lower Austrian businesses who aim to enter new and/or international markets.

The Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich can provide comprehensive information and services thanks to the bundled expertise of the institutions located here, including ecoplus (the business agency of Lower Austria); RIZ (Regional Innovation & Start-Up Center for Lower Austria); The Lower Austrian Tourist Office; The Lower Austrian Institutions for Financing and Loan Guaranties (NÖBEG); tecnet equity, a technology financing company; and other important agencies and companies with close ties to the provincial government.