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Information & Service at the Business Center Niederösterreich:
Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19900, info(at) (House A, ground floor)

ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19600; headoffice(at)ecoplus.at (House A)

For decades, the name ecoplus has been synonymous with innovative business and regional development policies. Core areas of activity include the ongoing development of Lower Austria as a business location and support for companies based in Lower Austria. As the business agency of the province of Lower Austria, ecoplus is the interface on both national and international levels between business and politics, companies and authorities, investors and initiators of regional projects. ecoplus acts in close cooperation with its network partners from the Austrian federation, provinces, municipalities, and with EU institutions. 

The Lower Austrian Tourist Office (Niederösterreich Werbung)

Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19800, office(at) (House C)

The official tourism and marketing office of the province of Lower Austria. All marketing activities involving tourism and leisure which are planned and/or implemented by the province of Lower Austria are overseen by the Lower Austrian Tourist Office. Other organizations housed here include the Association for Lower Austrian Inn Culture (Verein Niederösterreichische Wirtskultur), the Lower Austria's Wine Route consortium (Weinstrasse Niederösterreich), and the Lower Austria CARD (NÖ-Card).

The Lower Austrian Institution for Financing and Loan Guaranties (NÖBEG)

 Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19325, office(at) (House B)


The Lower Austrian Institution for Financing and Loan Guaranties supports start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises in Lower Austria. By assuming liabilities or silent partnerships in diverse financing opportunities (such as investment projects; starting, taking over or buying out companies; expansion projects; internationalization efforts, etc.), NÖBEG aims to make it easier for Lower Austrian businesses to access financing means. NÖBEG helps companies maintain their liquidity, thereby providing long-term stability and the opportunity to compete more vigorously in today's global economy.

Lower Austria's Agency for the Promotion of Border Regions (NÖG) in Liqu.

 Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19700, (House A)

 This agency offers attractive funding options for companies and municipalities in Lower Austria's border regions. The NÖG supports manufacturers and production suppliers in their investments in growth and expansion. It also helps municipalities in Lower Austria's border regions in their specific projects to build, develop or expand commercial business locations.

riz up – Regional Innovation & Start-Up Center for Lower Austria

 Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19350, office(at) (House B)

 Owned by the province of Lower Austria, the riz up provides expert assistance to entrepreneurs before, during and up to three years after the founding of their business – face-to-face and at no cost.

tecnet equity

 Tel. +43 (0)2742/9000-19300, office(at), (House B)


tecnet equity is the technology financing company of the province of Lower Austria. It finances high-tech and innovative companies in the areas of industrial technologies, information and communication technologies, life sciences, material sciences and environmental technologies.

At present, tecnet equity is the only financing society at a provincial level providing equity capital during early stages to the high-tech industry. Company financing is augmented by pro-active patent and technology exploitation for research facilities in Lower Austria. 



The Lower Austrian Provincial Department of Business, Tourism and Technology (WST3)

Tel.: +43 (0)2742/9005-16157, post.wst3(at), Landhausplatz 1, Haus 14 

The Lower Austrian Provincial Department of Business, Tourism and Technology steers and supports the development of the Lower Austrian economy in accordance with the objectives and strategies set out in the Lower Austrian "Economic Strategy 2015" plan. The Department manages in turn the Lower Austrian Fund for Business and Tourism Development; this fund is meant to ease access to financing opportunities for Lower Austrian businesses in order to encourage and/or enable investment. 

NÖPLAN (Lower Austria's Provincial Capital Planning Agency)

 Tel. +43 (0)2742/305, office(at) (House D)

NÖPLAN is inextricably linked with the establishment of St. Pölten as the capital of Lower Austria. NÖPLAN was founded in 1986 and commissioned with the implementation of all measures related to the establishment of the new capital.


 Tel. +43 (0)2742/352797, (House D)

 A full-service media agency providing services in the areas of event management, creation and production of print advertising products, and the development of PR strategies and concepts.

Heid Schiefer – Attorneys at Law

 Tel. +43 (0)2742/23355, (House D)

 Heid Schiefer law firm offers legal services to regional administrative bodies and their legal entities in the areas of residential and commercial building, planning, and development; infrastructure, traffic and transportation; IT and communications; energy; social insurance and health care; and much more.

NOTRUF NÖ – The Emergency Number for Lower Austria

 Tel. 0800/144-100, info(at) (House D)

 Notruf NÖ is the emergency number for Lower Austria and coordinates all ambulance and rescue services as well as emergency doctor visits in Lower Austria. Notruf NÖ operates four main control centers (in Mödling, Korneuburg, St. Pölten and Zwettl), each of which has access to bundled data on emergency calls. Notruf NÖ is a not-for-profit organization and acts as first point of contact for all pre-clinical and emergency medical enquiries.